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To the left and the right, in Namur one can find some of the most beautiful Hasselt tiles
This small panel made to size and a splendid little frieze are two examples of many others in the town of Ostend.  
Hasselt tiles can be found in many Belgian cities where they brighten the facades and give them an extra decorative touch. In order to do so, one could either choose an existing design from a catalogue or one could order a design to personal taste.
In Belgian seaside towns one can find some very nice examples dating from around 1900-1914. Especially Blankenberge is still very rich in tile decorations, of which a majority of the panels that have survived can be attributed to the Hasselt factory. Tile decorations out of the Hasselt factory can also be found in all the major cities of the country like Namur, Liège and Brussels. Some outstanding examples are shown on this page.
Frieze and tile panel in harmony on a facade in Hasselt
On this façade in Blankenberge one can find
a real sample of Hasselt ceramic tiles.
This nice combination of beautifully carved Art Nouveau decoration in bluestone with a Hasselt tile panel can be found in Wenduine.
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