Décorative Ceramics
The factories assortment of decorative ceramics consists of several hundreds of models. Only a few of them were executed in a rather explicit Art Nouveau style. Many others were executed in a more timeless design. The Hasselt production of decorative ceramics was reduced dramatically starting at the end of the First World War, which is also the end of the Art Nouveau period and the beginning of the Art Deco period.
The decorative ceramics are characterised by a very translucent glaze. The typical drip glazes by which different colours are mixed in a harmonious way is another very distinctive characteristic of these ceramics.
Above a typical tobacco jar “dog in a barrel”. It was produced in large numbers and in three sizes.

Left: a beautiful Art Nouveau vase with a uniform green drip glaze
Right: A “dragon” vase showing a very characteristic glaze. The overall effect is obtained by adding feldspar to the glaze. When heating the glaze in the kiln it becomes liquid and starts dripping off.
Above a detail of a bas-relief decoration on a plate.
An abundant decoration in “barbotine” technique on this “bell-shaped” vase.
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